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Psych with Mike is a show based on the idea that rational people can have a conversation where they can identify the difference between what is an opinion and what is a fact. We can disagree about our opinions without getting angry and accept what is fact even when it is inconvenient. These are the foundations for confronting our psychological hang-ups. Psych with Mike is a show that presents useful information in a way that individuals can understand and incorporate in their lives and maybe have some fun along the way. The show is interactive with interviews of people who have relevant information and interesting opinions. The most important conversations however are those with those listening to the show.

About Mike: Dr. Michael E. Mahon is a clinical psychologist and professional counselor who has been practicing individual, adolescent and couples psychotherapy for twenty years. He has been in the field of behavioral health for thirty years. Dr. Mahon has taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels at Missouri Baptist University, Webster University (where he directed the graduate program in counseling psychology) and currently at Washington University. Dr. Mahon believes that the ability to regulate emotion is the core requirement for good mental health. Michael’s ability to relate complex biological and psychological concepts in no nonsense language that is understandable for the lay person is his greatest strength as an educator and a therapist.

Mike began public speaking early in his career and has presented to large audiences of corporate executives, educators and parents. His ability to engage an audience in plain language and hold their interest made him successful. These skills translated well to the radio when in May of 2016 Mike made an appearance on the Dave Glover Show to speak about his own history with addiction. Because of the overwhelming positive feedback Dave asked him back and Mike soon became a regular on the DGS. The success of those segments lead directly to the development of the show Psych with Mike.

Mike lives in Jefferson County Missouri with his wife and daughter. He has an adult son who is now himself beginning a career in psychotherapy.

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