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Jamie Allman hosts the #1 talk show in the market every weekday morning from 5-9am Monday-Friday. Along with news director Denys Schaefer, executive producer Carl "the Intern" Middleman, associate producer Tricia Siekmann, and a wide array of guests: Pam Geller, Rodney Boyd, Sen. Jim Talent, Fox News' Sandra Smith, Chris Wallace, Judge Napolitano, Kevin Jackson, Jim Hoft & more. Tune in to 97.1 FM on your ride to work and then click here to stream the show from your desk once you've arrived!

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Trump Invites Audience Member on the Stage in S.C. to Check if He’s Wearing a Toupee.
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Stacy on the Right is back and ready to talk 2016. She points out there have been whispers of Al Gore jumping into the 2016 Democratic primary race. Stacy notes his actions leading to speculation, "He says he's not endorsing Hillary and he's not endorsing Bernie... he says he...
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