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A Minnesota woman has decided to use her first amendment right to infringe on one man's second amendment right as she puts up a sign (picture and all) revealing his decision to conceal and carry. CLICK HERE TO READ STORY BROUGHT TO YOU BY
Edward Follis is the author of "The Dark Art: My Undercover Life in Global Narco-terrorism" . For twenty-seven years, Edward Follis was an undercover agent for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency working to earn the trust of criminals worth millions of dollars, then brining them to...
Obama weekly address… not an "outbreak" or an "epidemic"… besides more people die from the flu every year: The Hammer says we're going to have to quarantine: Dr. Carson would not serve as Surgeon General under President Obama: Cruz says time for Congress to figure out Ebola:...
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Sure the Cards won't be back until April and Ebola continues to spread but (as always) Jamie takes lemons and makes a lot of common sense and enlightenment...check it out:
The Cards lost fair and square last night... too bad nobody talked to Jamie before the series:
This is scary. This article from the The Weekly Standard is some serious food for thought: CLICK HERE TO READ