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97.1’s own, St. Louis native Dana Loesch now hosts her award-winning, nationally syndicated daily radio show, The Dana Show: The Conservative Alternative from Dallas, Texas where she also hosts “Dana” on The Blaze television network. Dana appears regularly on Fox News, ABC, CNN, among others, and has guest co-hosted “The View.” She describes herself as a “conservatarian.”

Dana’s original brand of young, punk-rock, conservative irreverence has found a fast-growing audience in multiple mediums. Dana is listed on Talkers Magazine‘s top 100 “heavy hitters” and was named Missouri’s #1 Radio Personality in 2014. A former award-winning newspaper columnist (and notable blogger since 2001), Dana was ranked as one of the top 16 most powerful mothers online by Neilsen. The 2012 winner of Accuracy In Media’s Grassroots Journalism award and the inaugural Breitbart Spirit Award, Dana was one of the original Breitbart editors selected by her late friend and mentor, Andrew Breitbart, to head what was and helped break the Anthony Weiner scandal before departing in 2012. Her book on gun control, Hands Off My Gun (Hachette/Center Street) is available now.

Dana co-founded the tea party movement in St. Louis and speaks regularly on the subject of new media, gun control, anti-feminism, and grassroots.

A native Missourian, she and her family now live in Texas.




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