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Robin Williams Rep: Actor "Had No Financial Problems"

(Undated) -- Robin Williams' rep is batting down reports that the actor was in dire straits financially before his death on Monday. Mara Buxbaum said in a statement that the Oscar winner "had no financial problems " and that "we should be blessed to have Robin's financial status." Shortly after Williams' death, various reports cropped up pointing to potential money issues as possible contributors to the actor's reported state of depression and apparent suicide. Buxbaum told, "I understand the desire to understand the 'Why.' It's not going to happen. The better thing to do is to try to understand severe depression."

Meantime, the Marin County Sheriff's Office is defending its decision to release a detailed description of how Williams died. Lieutenant Keith Boyd said state law requires the information to be released to the public under the California Public Records Act. Boyd said at a Tuesday press conference that Williams had hanged himself with a belt. He also said they would release the recordings of the 9-1-1 call reporting how Williams was found in the coming days.