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Film Critic Recalls Lauren Bacall's Screen Legacy

(Undated) -- The passing of sultry screen siren Lauren Bacall is recalling a bygone era of filmmaking and celebrity not seen since Hollywood's golden age.
Film critic Glenn Kenny says Bacall's on-screen confidence left quite an impression in her first feature film "To Have and Have Not," raising the bar for other actresses in Hollywood. "To Have and Have Not" is also where Bacall met her future husband Humphrey Bogart with whom she would co-star in several more films before his death in 1957. Bogie and Bacall, as they were known, became one of the greatest romances in cinematic history. Kenny says in addition to her natural acting abilities, Bacall had "an appropriate response to stardom," knowing the impact she had on people while being appreciative of her celebrity.

Known for her sultry looks and husky voice, Bacall became one of film noir's most famous leading ladies. She earned her first Oscar nomination in later years, starring opposite Barbara Streisand and Jeff Bridges in 1996's "The Mirror Has Two Faces." Bacall received an honorary Oscar in 2009 for her body of work. She died Tuesday at the age of 89.

Glenn Kenny says Lauren Bacall's strengths as an actress got noticed very early in her career.
Glenn Kenny says Lauren Bacall had an appropriate response to stardom.