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Andi Sends Home Marcus On Emotional "Bachelorette"

(Undated) -- Three men are left standing after an emotional episode of "The Bachelorette" on Monday night. Andi Dorfman had to send home Marcus, shortly after having learned that former contestant Eric Hill was killed in a paragliding accident. She broke down in the middle of the rose ceremony after it brought back memories of her last time seeing Eric.

Andi left the room to collect herself, and with the support of host Chris Harrison gave out her three roses to Nick, Josh and Chris. The show aired the moment when Chris told Andi and the men the news about Eric, showing producers and crew members gathering together in grief. Andi was distraught over her last conversation with Eric after his time on the show ended on a rocky note. Marcus was stunned when she gave him the boot after what he felt was a successful hometown visit. Andi explained to him that she wasn't sure she'd be able to catch up to his strong feelings for her.

Her hometown visit with Nick in Milwaukee went smoothly, with Andi fitting in well with his large family. She questioned her ability to adapt to a small-town lifestyle while visiting Chris in Iowa, but her fears were eased after a conversation with his understanding mother. In Tampa, Andi saw a different side of Josh as he interacted with his close-knit family, but wondered if they would be able to have a life of their own if they married. "The Bachelorette" will continue next week as Andi tries to choose between Nick, Chris and Josh.

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Nick talks to his mother about Andi. Andi and Chris talk about her career options in Iowa. Andi is annoying that Josh's family only wants to talk about his brother Aaron's possible NFL draft. Chris Harrison breaks the news about Eric Hill's death. Andi sobs after finding out about Eric's death. Marcus reacts to his being sent home. Play Clip