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Becca is here for the Inside Scoop AND Bec's Home Video, where she reviews Wild and The Theory of Everything! Plus, reviews of Run All Night and...
Reviews of Jurassic World, Focus, and Jupiter Ascending!
Project Almanac review, Jonny Weston interview, and Scoop!
Star Wars Inside Scoop! Love and Mercy! An interview with composer Andrew Lockington! and San Andreas!
Max interviews John Waters, and Carl's lovely wife Nicholle shares a story about the time she met him (John Waters, not Carl)! Plus, reviews of...
Carl reviews Aloha! Plus, Max interviews Patrick Delhougne!
Max recaps Wizard World! Reviews of McFarland USA, San Andreas, and Trivia with George Weber the 5th!
All Is Lost, Ryan Foizey, Superhero Scoop, and American Sniper!
Oscar Foizey sings! Tomorrowland! Christian Kane and the inside scoop on Wizard World!
Max interviews Junkie XL! Plus, reviews of Mad Max: Road Fury, Pitch Perfect, and Pitch Perfect 2!