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Joel Edgerton! Black Mass! Julie Lally gives us an Emmy's preview!
The Babadook! Hotel Translvania! Fast and Furious 7!
A Walk in the Woods, Misson: Impossible Rogue Nation, and Rebecca Ferguson!
Alex Kendrick, The Visit, Love and Mercy, and Cinderella!
RIP Wes Craven... plus, more Inside Scoop, Junkie XL, and Mad Max: Fury Road!
The Inside Scoop with Carl and Rachel! FROZEN FEVER! A Walk in the Woods! TRIVIA!
Citizenfour - PLUS - Max and Carl interview voice acots Quinton Flynn and Mark Dodson!
Bec's Home Video reviews In A World and Chef! Plus, a review of No Escape and Max interviews Alex Kendrick!
Aloha, Hot Pursuit, and Max interviews Philo Barnhart!
THIS IS A K-STEW INTERVENTION. Plus, a review of American Ultra and Trivia!