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EB Wright! Straight Outta Compton! Trivia!
The Gift! Joel Edgerton! plus, True Story!
A Lego Brickumentary! Fantastic Four! Shaun the Sheep!
Sometimes two hours just isn't enough to fit in all your SOTR goodness! Check out this SOTR extra podcast! This week's topic: Chicken Oridances!
NBC Commentator wants media fined for "misgendering" Caitlyn Jenner...
Dr. Bob Onder calls in to talk with Stacy about Planned Parenthood. Plus, Hillary doesn't know how to answer a question!
The Inside Scoop! Plus, Veronica Roth, Divergent, and Insurgent!
The Clone Army Attacketh! Vacation! Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation! And Max interviews Rebecca Ferguson!
Max interviews Kevin James! Plus, reviews of Pixels, Southpaw, and Paper Towns!
It's a packed hour on Max on Movies! Mr. Holmes, The Longest Ride, the Inside Scoop, and Trivia!