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Will Biden jump in the race early? Why republicans attack each other and will Ben Carson come on my program? - Hour 3 of The Dana Show
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The "rape culture" in Sweden,and the clock kid wins American muslim of the year in U.S. - Hour 3 of The Dana Show
Hillary tries to mimic her audience again in the South- authenticity questioned, Stephen Crowder joins us to talk about the latest in the Israeli/...
The leader of the House fight continuous and Johnaton Rhys-Davies hits the Blaze Studios - Hour 1 of The Dana Show
Taking calls and union paycheck protection bill in PA is up for vote, and mailbag of hate segment - Hour 3 of "The Dan Show"
Does Gavin Newsom wants to debate Dana on gun control? Trump call out George Bush for 9/11 - Hour 2 of The Dana Show"
Jim Webb is a normal old school democrat, new gun control legislation in the works, and the President lays out Afghanistan troop plan - Hour 1 of "...