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Clinton gets asked a question she doesn't like in NH and Stephen Crowder joins Dana - Hour 2 of The Dana Show
Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush feud is amping up after leftover memos from the Bush Campaign are left for the pres to find at the debates - Hour 1 of The...
The republican debates on CNBC were a debacle because of the moderators - Hour 3 of The Dana Show
Roger Stone and Willie Robertson join Dana in this hour. Hour 2 of The Dnaa Show
Still reeling from the CNBC debate and the media is in the gutter - Hour 1 of The Dana Show
Obama weighs in on the criminal justice system...again and says its easier for kids in Chicago to buy guns than books. The runaway blimp - Hour 3 of...
John Kasich is speaking out against the state of the GOP and other presidential contenders and Florida Man - Hour 2 of The Dana Show
Obama and the dems seem to have had a victory over the budget deal, taking calls, and Danas allergies - Hour 1 of The Dana Show
The video of the officer and student that is making the media freak out - Hour 3 of The Dana Show
Star Transport will pay $240,000 to two Muslim employees who were fired for refusing to deliver alcohol, citing their religious beliefs. unlike...