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The DOJ will not charge officer Darren Wilson but does find systematic racism, Ben Carson says being gay is a choice - Hour 3 of "The Dan Show"
The republicans punted on amnesty and broke campaign promises, taking calls, and no charges for Darren Wilson - Hour 2 of "The Dana Show"
Hillary Clinton not only used her own e-mail account but ran her own server while at the State Dept. - Hour 1 of "The Dana Show"
Media freaking out over netanyahu speech to congress, remember the Mexican President who lectured congress over immigration - Hour 3 of "The Dana...
Hillary Clinton used a private e-mail while in office as Secretary of State - Hour 2 of "The Dana Show"
Democrats in congress freaking out over Netanyahu speech - Hour 1 of "The Dana Show"
Somebody is hacking Dana Wiki page - Hour 3 of 'The Dana Show"