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Memories Pizzeria co-owner Crystal O'Connor joins Dana - Hour 1 of "The Dana Show"
New low for the dems Congresswomen calls a 18 month old a racist - Hour 3 of The Dana Show"
Taking calls,and Dana gives examples of people who have been protected "RFRA' - Hour 2 of "The Dana Show"
A mob mentality now against the Indiana law - "Hour 1 of The Dana Show"
Iranian negotiations and Dana takes calls on Indians new law -Hour 3 of "The Dana Show"
Ted Cruz joins Dana to discuss 2016 - Hour 2 of "The Dana Show"
The Indian law is the same as Federal law, so whats all the fuss? Hour 1 of "The Dana Show
Ferguson continues to have problems, protesters to profit? Hour 3 of "The Dana Show"
Women groups accuse Ted Cruz of empowering rapist because he's pro-life...geeez - Hour 2 of "The Dana Show"
There are people freaking out about Indiana law including Angies list and the towns of Seattle and San Francisco - Hour 1 of "The Dana Show"