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Obama scolds the GOP again on 1st amendment, Trump rally , and kids singing at Trump rally - Hour 3 of the Dana Show
Hillary's lead is slipping away, the Republican Debate, and what would you do with a Billion dollar lottery win - Hour 2 of The Dana Show"
John Kerry says the fear over refugees is unfounded, the republican debate tonight, and Nikki Haley - Hour 1 of The Dana Show
Is Nikki Haley in line for A VP nomination? - taking calls , Dana gets a new puppy - Hour 3 of The Dana Show
State of The Union and Iran holds navy officers for traveling in their waters and CNN freaks out about the timing - Hour 2 of THE Dana Show
President Obama's State of The Union Speech and Nikki Haley's response, taking CALLS - HOUR 1 OF THE DaNA SHOW
Hillary as a S.O.S.,the republican debate kicks Fiorina and Rand Paul to the prelims, taking calls and talking about 2016 - Hour 3 of The Dana Show
Bill Clinton is fair game in the election , taking calls on What Obamas accomplishments are - Hour 2 of The Dana Show
Hillary Clinton goes social justice and Obama is preparing for his SOTU Speech - Hour 1 of The Dana Show
The Lotto is huge and the refugee rape culture in Europe - Hour 3 of The Dana Show