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Iran deal is pathetic and illegal immigrants continue to commit crime and get away with it - Hour 1 of "The Dana Show"
Obamacare not working out as predicted, Planned Parenthood strikes again and diner owner forced to yell at toddler who was screaming for 40 minutes...
Taking calls and Navy Seal Jared Ogden joins us to discuss arming the military at recruitment centers - Hour 2 of "The Dana Show"
Planned Parenthood caught again on tape discussing the sale of aborted body parts & trump still leads the polls - Hour 1 of "The Dana Show"
Is Ted Cruz waiting for Donald Trump to get out of the race to scoop his supporters? Calls ,filming the Klan and Black Panther Rally - Hour 3 of "The...
Taking calls on Trump and Martin O'malley is a coward - Hour 2 of "The Dana Show"
Donald Trump joins us and sets the record straight on John McCain and the vets - Hour 1 of "The Dana Show"
Obama visits a prison, Twitter battle with Montell Williams - Hour 3 of "The Dana Show"
Scott Walker and Stephen Crowder join us in Hour 2 of "the Dana Show" the
Terror attack in Chattanooga , who cares about his motive or him at all.. - Hour 1 of "The Dana Show"