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Donald Trump is getting his specifics out there and Dana is getting threats over her NRA ads - Hour 1 of "The Dana Show"
Rep. Louie Gohmert joins us to discuss John Boehner stepping down as Speaker of the House - Hour 3 of The Dana Show"
Stephen Crowder joins Dana - Hour 2 of "The Dana Show"
John Boehner steps down...good news...but will his replacement be worse? - Hour 1 of "The Dana Show"
Matthew Marsden and Dana talk about the documentary "Finding Noah" and the political; and cultural struggles in that Turkish region
Media inconsistencies really bug me! The producer of "Finding Noah" Matthew Marsden joins us - Hour 2 of "The Dana Show"
Trump has an issue with Fox News and Contributor Rich Lowery, the pope says nothing about abortion in the US - Hour 1 of "The Dana Show"
Dana Loesch on Pope Francis visit to Washington DC and his comments on climate change..