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Dana discusses radical Islam, the recent Democratic debate, the Missouri protests, and gun rights.
Dana discusses the Paris attacks and refugee crisis; interviews Stephen Yates, former White House official and Distinguished Fellow, Hamilton...
Dana discusses the Paris attack and the refugee situation in the Middle East and Europe.
Ted Cruz needs to explain the details of his immigration plan, College kids are out of control - Hour 3 of The Dana Show
Certain College University Students have a list of demands across the country included is: free college, change of mascots, and "safe rooms/spaces...
Trump,Cruz,Rubio, and Carson - college kids are pampered - Hour 1 of the Dana Show
The Republican field may come down to Rubio and Cruz and we need a national debate on immigration - Hour 3 of The Dana Show
University Of Missouri professor accused of being insensitive because he would not cancel an exam, he resignes - Hour 2 of The Dana Show