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Russia is bombing CIA baked rebels - Hour 1 of "The Dana Show"
Russia begins airstrikes in Syria....Planned Parenthood hearings - Hour 3 of the Dana Show"
Russia has moved into Syria and begun air strikes - Hour 2 of "The Dana Show"
The Russians have engaged in airstrikes in Syria and have told The United States to move their warplanes - Hour 1 of "The Dana Show"
Planned Parenthood trying to defend their practice and subsidies that they receive before congress today - Hour 3 of The Dana Show"
Planned Parenthood is trying to defend themselves and their 500 million dollars of subsidies they get each year in a congressional hearing. - Hour 2...
Planned Parenthood testifying before congress today,why are they being funded again? - Hour 1 of "The Dana Show"
Hillary Clinton comes off terrible in an interview over the weekend - Hour 3 of "The Dana Show"
Trump tries to explain his health care plan and Stephen Yates joins Dana - Hour 2 of "The Dana Show'