97.1 FM Newstalk - NOW BROADCASTING IN HD on 94.7 HD3!

The next generation of radio is here - High Definition. FM Newstalk 97.1 is now broadcasting in Digital HD, which means that if you have an HD Receiver, you can enjoy crystal-clear, CD quality sound from your radio. Tune in to 94.7 HD3 to hear all of your favorite FM NewsTalk 97.1 programming! Want to learn more about HD Radio? Click HERE. And here's how you can find out more about purchasing an HD Radio, click here.


HD Radio is a relatively new technology.  You my not have even heard of HD Radio before…but that’s ok!  There are many folks out there that either don’t know about HD Radio, or don’t understand what it is.  Right now, HD Radio is in a state similar to FM Radio when it first came on the scene…nobody knew what to think, but it definitely turned out to be worthwhile!

With HD Radio, you get CD quality sound on the FM band…you can actually hear the difference in quality when the station locks in.  Also, you get up to two extra digital channels for each FM station.  For example, 97.1 is on your dial, if you had an HD Radio you would also be able to tune to 97.1 HD-2 and listen to MyRedLounge.  HD Radios are relatively inexpensive and are available at most electronic stores.  And once you have one you can always access the extra channels free of charge and listen to your favorite stations in HD quality.

97.1 HD-2 is MyRedLounge.  Your home for Jazz, Blues, Swing, and Lounge music.  Featuring legends like Ray Charles, Tony Bennett, and the Rat Pack plus today’s stars like Michael Buble, Norah Jones, and Jamie Cullum.  It’s music with class and the perfect soundtrack for your life.

Please go to or visit an electronics store such as the Sound Room or Best Buy for more information on HD Radio.

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