A man is suing the TSA for $5,000,000 because he was detained for 24 hours after making a joke about an explosive while in a security line. Turns out it was nothing but peanut butter. Was the TSA in the wrong or did the man get what he deserved?

   He deserved what he got. It is absolutely unacceptable to make jokes about explosives while in a security line at the airport.    55.6%  
   While his joke may have been poorly timed, the TSA over-stepped its bounds by detaining him for 24 hours.    44.4%  
UPDATED:  4/24/2014 2:01:03 PM
DISCLAIMER:  This poll is informal, not scientific. It only reflects the opinions of site visitors who have voluntarily participated. The results may not represent the opinions of the public as a whole. This site is not responsible for the statistical accuracy of opinions here expressed.

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