2002 - Lemp Caverns - Video

Don't miss the video of the exploration of the Lemp Caverns. Our one and only trip into the infamous Lemp caverns was in 2002. I cannot convey in words, how awesome and terrifying these caverns are. There are rooms the size of a high school gymnasium, however given that they are 6 stories underground, you may as well be in a small closet. Read more...

2004 - Lemp Mansion - Video

The most memorable part of the 2004 Halloween show was the numerous EVP’s or “electronic voice phenomenon” we found. We put people into pairs and stationed them in different parts of the Lemp mansion. While the contestants had numerous encounters and creepy experiences that night, it wasn’t until we listened back to the audio that things got truly frightening. Read more...

2005 - Lemp Mansion - Video

LEMP MANSION - For this final year at the Lemp Mansion we brought in a psychic from Arizona to help us with our investigation. Unlike previous years, that took a few hours to really get things moving at the mansion, the spirits that inhabit the Lemp were active from the moment we walked in. The hallmark of this years’s show were the multiple EVP’s we gathered. Hear from Billy Lemp, Elsah Lemp, and more……what are they trying to say? Read more...

2006 - The Pit - Video

Watch the haunting video from our trip to The Pit! The farm or the “pit,” as this area has come to be known, is the site of an 1800’s suicide. A farmer, with his illegitimate child on his lap, took his own life in the basement of his home. The child was the product of an incestuous relationship with his stepdaughter. Read more...

2007 - The Pit - Video

Our return to the “pit” was possibly more frightening that the year before. When we arrived at the basement, we found that some prankster, or group of Occultists, had strewn animal bones about the area and started a small fire in the pit itself. The truly strange part was that we did the entire show in a heavy downpour, however, the fire never went out. In fact, the fire burned for days afterwords, in spite of having 600 gallons of water poured onto it. Read more...




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