2000 - Father Halloran Interview - Audio

Dave interviews Father Halloran, a priest that was involved in the actual exorcism made famous by the movie The Exorcist. The Father walks Dave and his listeners through the experience and some of the exceptional occurances during the exorcism. Read more...

2001 - Lemp Mansion - Audio

The entire premise of the Dave Glover show Halloween special was based on a movie I saw as a child called “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken” starring Don Knotts. Basically you put a coward into a haunted house and challenge them to spend the night. Our “coward” way back in 2001 was a lovely young woman named Evette McCullough, who turned out to be anything but a coward. We put poor Evette through hell that night, sending her on various “missions” which took her from the attic to the basement of the Lemp mansion. After completing each and every task assigned to her, she made a panicked 4:00 am call because she heard china being crashed on the floor of the basement.

2002 - Lemp Caverns - Audio

Our one and only trip into the infamous Lemp caverns was in 2002. I cannot convey in words, how awesome and terrifying these caverns are. There are rooms the size of a high school gymnasium, however given that they are 6 stories underground, you may as well be in a small closet. You literally cannot see your hand in front of your face. Read more...

2003 - Lemp Mansion - Audio

In 2003, the Lemp mansion turned violent for the first time. Listen as contestants have actual physical contact with the spirits of the house. Read more...

2004 - Lemp Mansion - Audio

The most memorable part of the 2004 Halloween show was the numerous EVP’s or “electronic voice phenomenon” we found. We put people into pairs and stationed them in different parts of the Lemp mansion. While the contestants had numerous encounters and creepy experiences that night, it wasn’t until we listened back to the audio that things got truly frightening. Read more...




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