2002 - Lemp Caverns - Video

The Dave Glover Show sends pairs of contestants into the caverns with nothing but a glow stick

Our one and only trip into the infamous Lemp caverns was in 2002. I cannot convey in words, how awesome and terrifying these caverns are. There are rooms the size of a high school gymnasium, however given that they are 6 stories underground, you may as well be in a small closet.  You literally cannot see your hand in front of your face.

In 2002, we sent pairs of contestants into the caverns with nothing to light there way but a small glow stick. Watch and listen as contestants and crew members alike negotiate both man made and supernatural obstacles.

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  1. AndyL_4468 posted on 10/26/2013 12:34 AM
    This was so much fun and I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was the only guy out of the 3 groups of people, Dave and them had bets saying they thought if any group were going to give up or chicken out, that it would have been us. Didn't happen :) We didn't win, but we made it through.

    One thing I remember was walking through those caverns with just a tiny little glow-stick (not even full size either, maybe an inch long or so) and I started walking up some steps. Looking at the map I had, I could not see much, but those steps were the wrong way apparently. I started walking up them and got the crap scared out of me when some woman said "Wrong way", startled me a bit, but thought I was hearing things. I started back up the steps again and heard a voice again, "Go back down, you are going the wrong way". Finally I looked at the crude map and got my bearings and back on track.

    I also remember sitting out in my car before the show and they were packing up a car next to us with equipment to take out to the site. Tony Colombo made a comment about "not scaring them too much" I leaned out the window and and said "Hey now, we are 2 of the people going, that wasn't very nice" He just backpedaled and acted like he didn't say it, but managed to freak my Girlfiend (now wife) at the time out pretty good.

    I remember the woman telling the story about how she found a Pepsi down there and drank it after we were all done. My first thought was "Hmmmm, If I found a soda in these caverns, would my first instinct be to actually drink it? I don't think so, that's just crazy" I didn't know she ate the sandwich too, that's funny as hell.

    Gotta say, best time I have ever had and wish I would do something like it again. Also wish we could have stayed the night at the actual mansion after the caverns, that would have been neat too.

    Dave, Tom and everyone else you all rock, keep up the good work! This is a blast from the past and geed to hear again

    P.S.: For anyone wondering, at the end of audio clip from team 2, we were walking down the pitch dark hallway and Dave and someone else just stepped out of the shadows and turned on a flashlight scaring the holy hell out of me. That was what I was freaking out about :)
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