2006 - The Pit Photos

The Dave Glover Show puts listeners and cast members into The Pit with nothing but a flashlight

THE PIT - The farm or the “pit,” as this area has come to be known, is the site of an 1800’s suicide. A farmer, with his illegitimate child on his lap, took his own life in the basement of his home. The child was the product of an incestuous relationship with his stepdaughter.

This horrible story took on urban legend status when generations later children began disappearing in the area. Two of theses children were found dead in the well some 30 feet from the basement. Between the suicide and the disappearances, the town had burned the structure to the ground, leaving only the basement and the well. 150 years later, we put listeners and cast members into the pit with nothing more than a flashlight. Listen as contestants and crew alike are stalked by an unseen predator in the woods.

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