Well this is something different for “Anything But Work”.  But we’re still not working, so I figured it qualified!  The kids wanted a fish, so I bought them a fish…with a little help from the PetSmart on Chippewa, thank you PetSmart!  Now we need your help in naming him, watch the video and find out how you can help!




So we took “Anything But Work” off campus for the first time (won’t be the last, promise).  We have some storage space in the basement of a building across the parking lot called the Annex, and since we are the promotions department and need access to that area, we have the keys to get inside.  That’s the great thing about the Annex; Nobody can get in there, and nobody will ever catch you.  The bad thing… it’s dirty, smelly and creepy.  The special guest in this episode an Exorcist doll that one of the stations used for a Halloween promotion one year.  She helped me win…unfortunately she now owns my soul.



After being yelled at during the taping of the last “Anything But Work” (Hall Ball), I thought it would be a good idea to play a game that’s a little more discrete.

ZINGO is perfect for this because it’s played behind closed doors in my office. As long as the Big Wigs aren’t looking for one us while we’re playing, and we keep it quick, we can usually get away with it. ZINGO is basically Bingo but instead of letters and numbers the game cards are made up of things likes hearts, flowers, and trains. And when you win… it’s feels real good to yell "ZINGO!!"



This game is great but it has to be played quickly for a couple reasons. 1. It involves the boss’ office…Jeff Allen’s office is literally the goal so you have to interrupt him to play. His facial expressions are basically the clock, you know just by looking at him when the game is over. 2. It’s impossible to hide…this game can’t help but disrupt the people who are really working. We were LITERALLY YELLED AT during the taping of this segment. I wanted to use the footage of us being yelled at in the video but the person doing the yelling wasn’t playing around and DID NOT want to be on tape!


Ok so maybe there’s a little bit of truth to the rumor (started by Glover) that I might spend a little more time having fun at work than the average person, but hey, who wants to sit at a desk ALL DAY staring at a computer? Tony Colombo’s “Anything But Work” is a collection of videos of me, showing you, how you can break up the work day with a little fun. Some games are quiet and discreet...some not so much. But they’re all fun! Enjoy!

Tony Colombo’s “Anything But Work” Episode 1: Promo Office P.I.G.

Every office should have a Nerf basketball hoop in it...seriously. Tim Elwell got the best of us here but I’ll put my skills up against anybody. Gotta give credit to salesperson Craig, he normally plays with us in full suit and tie. That’s the kind of passion that makes me proud!

Wow was this a good time! Why it took someone so long to bring this kind of thing to St. Louis I’ll never know, but now that they’re here you've got to check it out! Whether you’re a hard core home brewer or you just think it would be fun to experience the process of brewing your own beer, J2 Brewing is the place to go. Brew your own beer from start to finish and take home a case of huge 22oz bottles with your own customized labels. Brew by yourself, with friends, or make it an office party. Enjoy the making of “Tony Colombo’s North County Hard Ale”!

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