A Guy Took His Six-Year-Old on a Motorcycle Ride and Let Him Steer

what do YOU think of this?

Some guy in Colorado named Jacob Hughes posted a video on YouTube where's he's riding a motorcycle with his six-year-old son.  And he lets go of the handlebars for a full MINUTE so the KID can steer. Read more...

A Game of Jenga, Using Construction Equipment

and 600-Pound Blocks

The construction equipment company Caterpillar decided to show off their heavy machinery by making an ad featuring the biggest game of JENGA ever.  They used 27 wood blocks that weigh 600 pounds EACH, and somehow no one got crushed. Read more...

Meet Kayvon Edson, The Boston Hoax Bomber


Guy Attempts Selfie in Front of Train, Gets Kicked in Head

By the Conductor!

Hey Ladies, Want A Husband? Then Don't Make As Much Money As Men!

So Says Phyllis Schlafly.

What's Missing From You Gun Range? A Liquor License!

not a great idea

And Now...The Mushroom Death Suit


Kate Upton . . . In a Bikini . . . In Zero Gravity

Kate Upton did a bikini photo shoot for the "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit issue . . . in ZERO GRAVITY.  Here is video. Read more...

Watch Two Kids Age More Than a Decade in Four Minutes


Instead of just taking photos, a guy in the Netherlands has been shooting footage of his two kids once a week for over a DECADE, and always has them stand in front of a white backdrop.  Read more...

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