Photo of Busch Stadium From Ballpark Village And A New #DGS971 Vine

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Check out this cool Vine I shot of vintage game-worn jerseys from The Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum at Ballpark Village. It's a very cool place that you have to check out if you love the Redbirds. Read more...

A Montage of Infomercial Actors Struggling to Do Stuff

this is pretty funny

In every infomercial, they show someone struggling to do something simple . . . like use plastic wrap or crack an egg without getting pieces of shell in the food. Read more...

Three Guys Base Jumped Off the Tallest Building in the World

They jump at :36. And don't miss the stunt they do at 1:04.

Three base jumpers set a world record on Monday by jumping off the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai . . . which is the tallest building in the world at 2,717 feet.  And they were wearing helmet cams, so there's a pretty cool video of it. Read more...

A Toddler Thinks He Can Control the TV with His Magic Wand

Don't miss the look on his face at :05.

Here's a trick to play on your kids.  They have to be young enough to not understand how a REMOTE works though.  Someone uploaded a video of their toddler pausing and un-pausing the TV with a toy magic wand. Read more...

Here's What a Blue Angels Pilot Sees When the Planes Are Flying in Formation

. . . 18 Inches Apart

The Blue Angels do something at airshows called the "diamond 360 maneuver," where they fly in formation . . . with their wings just 18 INCHES away from each other. Read more...

Guys in Poland Turned a Trash Can Into a Makeshift Cannon

It looks like it was just loaded with trash though, not an actual cannonball or anything.

A group of idiots in Poland celebrated Easter by turning a trashcan into a makeshift CANNON. There's a video of them firing it in the middle of a street, and the blast was strong enough to knock down the guy who was holding it. Read more...

And Now...A Hamster Eating Baby Carrots

OMG His Face

Brian Williams Raps "Gin and Juice"

From The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


gone fishin'

Russian Firemen Used Six Hoses to Make Their Own Hovercraft

Let's All Do This!

There's a video going around of firefighters in Russia, who basically made their own HOVERCRAFT using six hoses to lift a guy on a metal platform off the ground. Read more...

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