The Complete Oscars Winners List

plus jokes

The 86th Annual Academy Awards took place last night: Read more...

Should the NFL Dump the Extra Point Kick?

. . . Because It's Too Easy?

This week, NFL Commissioner ROGER GOODELL said that the league might consider dumping the extra point kick after a touchdown . . . because it's TOO EASY. Read more...

Everything Oscars

Academy Awards info

There was a smoke advisory in Los Angeles yesterday.  Not from wildfires.  From Oprah's ears after she was snubbed by the Oscars. Read more...

Help A Local Teen Involved In A Horrible Car Accident

donate via this link

*UPDATED* Click the MP3 above to listen to Dyanna speaking about this to Dave Glover* Read more...

7,000 People Coordinated to Make a Boy with Leukemia "Batkid" for a Day


We've seen stories before where the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted a kid's wish to be BATMAN for a day. But they SERIOUSLY went all-out on Friday in San Francisco, so this one's getting a LOT more attention. Read more...

Veterans Day Facts and Numbers

Interesting Stuff....

Today is Veterans Day . . . here are five facts and figures you should know . . . Read more...

Did Tom Cruise Say Making Movies Is As Hard as Fighting in Afghanistan?

Turns out, no.

TOM CRUISE recently launched a $50 million lawsuit against a tabloid publisher over stories that he abandoned his daughter Suri after splitting with her mom, KATIE HOLMES. Read more...

Disney Is Developing Four Live-Action Marvel Shows for Netflix

Very Cool Geeky News

Disney and Marvel are hoping you aren't getting sick of superheroes . . . because they've announced that they're developing four new, live-action TV shows for Netflix, which will start being released in 2015. Read more...

Open casting call in St. Louis this Sunday, 11/10, for Star Wars Episode 7


There is an open casting call in St. Louis this Sunday, 11/10, for Star Wars Episode Seven! Read more...

Ariana Grande Can Tell One Hell of a Ghost Story

She Claims It's True

20-year-old Nickelodeon star ARIANA GRANDE can tell one hell of a ghost story . . . and even better, she claims it's TRUE. Read more...

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