Johnny Depp's "Transcendence" is Up Against "Heaven is for Real" for Easter

New Trailers For You

In "Heaven Is For Real," Greg Kinnear and Kelly Reilly are the parents of a boy whose near death experience brings him back with memories of having been to Heaven . . . and meeting dead loved ones like the grandfather he never met, and his unborn sister who died in the womb. Read more...

Kevin Costner's "Draft Day" is Up Against "Rio 2" and the Horror Movie "Oculus"

which will you see?

Kevin Costner is the Cleveland Browns general manager, who makes a risky trade for the #1 draft pick in an attempt to rebuild his team.  Read more...

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

in theaters now

Captain America and the Black Widow investigate an attack on S.H.I.E.L.D., and then enlist the help of a superhero called the Falcon after the agency is compromised. Read more...

Local US Soldier Asks Anna Kendrick To Military Ball

Say "Yes," Anna!

Listener Robin sent this e-mail to us: "I am a loyal listener and enjoy your show on my way home from work every evening. I have a request to make. My son, Sgt. Thomas Goetting, made a video asking Anna Kendrick to his military ball. Please post this video on your website and ask people to share it. My son is on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan. Please and thank you!!! Read more...

Schwarzenegger's "Sabotage" is Up Against Russell Crowe in "Noah"

trailerZ 4 U

The story of Noah's Ark takes place early in Genesis . . . when Peter Gabriel was the singer. Read more...

New Trailer for Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

what do YOU think of this?

Check Out a Two-and-a-Half Minute Horror Movie That's Actually Kind of Scary


A two-and-a-half minute horror movie called "Lights Out" is making the rounds online.  We don't want to ruin it for you, but it's about a woman who turns off the lights to go to bed. Then strange, unexplainable things start happening. Read more...

"Divergent", the Muppets Sequel and 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

trailers, yo

The Grand Budapest Hotel is the latest from director Wes Anderson, and it's one of the best films I've seen this year. Read more...

Bradley Cooper Burned Louis CK Without Even Knowing It

neat video

LOUIS C.K. told a joke during a 2009 interview that has come back to kind of bite him in the ass. Read more...

A Montage of Christopher Walken Dancing in Movies

Can you move like Walken?

CHRISTOPHER WALKEN wanted to be a DANCER before he was an actor . . . he trained at a dance school before he hit it big. And "The Huffington Post" put together a montage of him dancing in movies that's worth a watch if you have five minutes. Read more...

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