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Brian Williams Raps "Gin and Juice"

From The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


gone fishin'

Top Reasons You Haven't "Gone Green"

A #DGS971 List

Today is Earth Day.  Hear why you couldn't care less with The Top Reasons You Haven't "Gone Green." Read more...

Russian Firemen Used Six Hoses to Make Their Own Hovercraft

Let's All Do This!

There's a video going around of firefighters in Russia, who basically made their own HOVERCRAFT using six hoses to lift a guy on a metal platform off the ground. Read more...

Someone Filmed a Fireworks Display with a Remote Control Helicopter

The video is worth a watch, because you're actually watching from INSIDE the fireworks display.

Someone recently strapped a camera to a remote-control helicopter, and flew it through a bunch of FIREWORKS. Read more...

Army Medic Explains How to Keep a Cast Dry...By Rapping About It

He starts at :15

There's a video going around of a girl getting a cast on her leg, apparently at a veterans hospital.  And the Army medic who's treating her explains how to keep it from getting wet, in the form of a RAP. Read more...

And Now...A Hamster Eating Baby Carrots

OMG His Face

Check out these #DGS971 Vines!

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Here is the first ever #DGS971 Vine, featuring Dave Glover and Tony Colombo, shot by yours truly. Read more...

Top Things You Don't Want to Hear From Your Prom Date

A #DGS971 List

Going to prom can be one of your best memories of high school.  Read more...

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