This is the fifth movie to feature the character Jack Ryan from the Tom Clancy books.  And Chris Pine from the new "Star Trek" movies is the fourth actor to play him.

First, there was Alec Baldwin in "The Hunt for Red October", then Harrison Ford in "Patriot Games" and"Clear and Present Danger", then Ben Affleck in "The Sum of All Fears" twelve years ago . . . which was a reboot that didn't really go anywhere.

This one starts with Ryan joining the Marines after 9/11.  He's wounded in Afghanistan, recruited by the CIA, and placed undercover on Wall Street to look out for suspicious transactions. 

That leads him to Moscow, where he's up against a rich Russian who wants to destroy America's economy by orchestrating a terrorist attack.   Kenneth Branagh plays the Russian and he's also the director.

Keira Knightley shows up as Ryan's fiancée, and Kevin Costner is his CIA recruiter.

Interesting fact:  Kevin Costner was actually the first actor to ever be offered the role of Jack Ryan.  But he turned down "The Hunt for Red October" in favor of making "Dances with Wolves".

In Ride Along, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are about to become brothers-in-law.  Ice Cube plays a cop who's doesn't think a manic, video game champion is good enough to marry his sister, who's played by Tika Sumpter

So he makes Kevin do a 24 hour "ride along" in his patrol car to prove that he's worthy . . . after getting John Leguizamo to help make sure he'll fail.  Laurence Fishburne turns up as the requisite crime lord.

"Devil's Due" is the latest issue in the "demon baby" horror genre.  Sort of like "Rosemary's Baby" and other movies, it taps into people's fears around childbirth and becoming a parent.

Zach Gilford, plays the father and it's his wife who gives birth to the demonchild.  You may remember him as Matt Saracen on "Friday Night Lights"

And here's the official trailer . . .


Will Arnett plays a squirrel who's been banished from the park after destroying everyone's winter food supply in The Nut Job. So he cooks up a scheme to rob a nut store in the city.

Brendan Fraser and Katherine Heigl are two of the other squirrels, Liam Neeson is the raccoon leader of the park, and Maya Rudolph is the dog guarding the store.

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