Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, and Ben Foster play a four-man SEAL team sent into Afghanistan to capture and kill a Taliban leader in Lone Survivor.

After their mission is compromised, their decision to release some civilians and risk the chance that they'll warn the enemy turns into a desperate battle that only one soldier walks away from. 

Directed by Peter Berg (The Kingdom), Eric Bana is also in it as their commanding officer back at the base.

Kellan Lutz from the "Twilight"movies plays Hercules, the son of Zeus in The Legend of Hercules. 

He's betrayed by his stepfather, who sells him into slavery and arranges for the woman he loves to marry his evil half-brother.

So Hercules uses his god-like strength to win his freedom and lead an army against them. 

Liam McIntyre from "Spartacus" plays his best friend, an army captain sold into slavery with him, who fights at his side to take back his kingdom.

This is actually the first of TWO Hercules movies coming out this year.  The Rock stars in another one that will be out in July.  That one takes place later in Hercules' life, whereas this one is more of an origin story.

Directed by Renny Harlin, it has the charm of a low-budget 1987 release from CANNON studios. Although it's not as good.

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