CNN's CHRIS CUOMO interviewed DENNIS RODMANand his basketball team via satellite from North Korea yesterday, and Dennis had a minor meltdown.

Cuomo asked Dennis if he would talk to North Korean dictator KIM JONG UN about KENNETH BAE . . . the American who's currently being held prisoner over there for alleged crimes that have yet to be revealed.  And Dennis went OFF.

First, he suggested that it's Bae's fault he's behind bars . . . quote, "Kenneth Bae did one thing.  If you understand . . . if you understand what Kenneth Bae did.  Do you understand what he did?  In this country?"

Cuomo replied, quote, "What did he do?  You tell me."  And Rodman shot back, quote, "You tell me.  You tell me.  Why is he held captive?"  It sounds like Rodman doesn't know either, and doesn't WANT to know.

Then he went on a pro wrestling-style rant about how he and his American teammates are going to be criticized when they return, and how they're just trying to OPEN DOORS.

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