This Polar Vortex that's hitting a lot of the country has caused the spotlight to be on meteorologists.  Of course, that's just one of the job perks . . . for more, here are The Top Best Things About Being a Meteorologist.

Even though you're full of crap, people still listen to you.  Sorry.  That's a great thing about being President Obama.

You can see five days into the future.  But only five days.  Six days and you're just as ignorant as the rest of us.

Before reporting from the frontlines of a category five hurricane, you're given protective gear like a raincoat and . . . no, that's it.

If you work in L.A., all you need to learn is how to say "Sunny and 72."

Since people only see you when you're standing next to the entire country, they think you're GIANT!

Besides public office, it's one of the only jobs where you can be wrong almost every day and not get fired.

You're one of a very select group of humans that actually knows the difference between "partly sunny" and "partly cloudy".

If you work hard enough, you might actually get to name a hurricane some day.

Everyone knows there's NOTHING that turns chicks on more than lengthy discussions of high-pressure systems.

It never gets old when you put your hand on your hip and say, "C'mon storm, why you be frontin'?"

A bright smile keeps people from noticing that you have no idea which state is which.

The only better "ologist" job is mixologist.

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