Rednecks love stuff like NASCAR, hunting and fishing . . . but they love this time of year best of all. Here are The Top Reasons Rednecks Love Christmas.

Waking up to a stocking full of Jack Link's beef jerky?  What's not to love? 

If they're lucky enough, a random shot into the sky on Christmas Eve could land some deer meat.

That Christmas tree base makes an excellent indoor spittoon.

Nothing says "Christmas spirit" quite like outfitting the plastic Rudolph on the lawn with a shiny pair of Truck Nuts.

You haven't tried eggnog till you've tried eggnog infused with bathtub gin.

It's the whole reason they leave those Christmas lights up on the trailer all year.

That look on their kids' faces when they see that Santa left them their first cigarettes.

Because they think Santa Claus is Uncle Si from "Duck Dynasty".

It's the only time they can sit on another man's lap and not be judged by the rest of the trailer park.

Santa's just like them . . . an overweight guy with a beard that only works one day a year.

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