Math scores of U.S. students continue to lag behind other countries.  Could the teachers be the problem?  They might be if you recognize anything from The Top Signs You Have a Bad Math Teacher

When you ask her the value of Pi, she says, "Well, if it's pecan, it's PRICELESS!"

He uses Venn diagrams to demonstrate how his comically low pay overlaps with his complete and total apathy.

Instead of teaching you Calculus, he spends the entire class getting increasingly furious over his continued failures to find Waldo.

When a girl asks a question, he says, "What do you care?  You don't need math to vacuum."

He complains that two-thirds of the class is failing, and the other half is just getting by.

He left a complex algebra problem on the chalkboard in the hope that the secretly brilliant janitor would solve it.

He still thinks it's important to learn math at a time when your phone has a frickin' CALCULATOR!

She keeps saying, "You plus me equals eternity."

He talks about two kinds of angles:  acute . . . and not so cute.

Each time a student successfully solves an equation for x . . . he does a shot.

The guest lecturer on the metric system conversions is his pot dealer.

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