The highly-anticipated "Hunger Games" sequel opens today.  You say you couldn't care less?  Perfect.  Here are The Top Reasons You Aren't Going to See "The Hunger Games:  Catching Fire".

You want to read the book first.  Kidding.  You can't read.

You MAY have gotten a bit too into archery after the last movie and "accidentally" shot your neighbor's cat.

If you want to see children arguing and trying to kill each other, you can just stay home and watch your kids. 

Rob Ford press conferences are all the entertainment you need.

The only game you think should be played to the death is "Jenga!"

If you want to see a dystopian world on the precipice of collapse you'll look outside your window.

You're an iconoclast.  Or at least, you think you are.  You're not quite sure what that word means.

The last Jennifer Lawrence movie you saw was "The Beaver".  And let's just say, the title was SERIOUSLY misleading.

If you're going to watch kids chosen for a battle to the death, they'd better be the kids from One Direction.

Just seeing Woody Harrelson on screen gives you a contact high.  Actually, that might be a reason to see it.

It's the holidays and you're using your money to feed the poor, not see movies.  Kidding, you're seeing it twice.

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