The people behind a toy company called GoldieBlox want to remind you that not all girls want DOLLS for Christmas.

They make a product that's kind of like an Erector Set, but specifically geared towards little girls.

And for a new YouTube ad, they reached out to the guy who did OK Go's crazy Rube-Goldberg video in 2010.

So this ad ALSO involves a Rube-Goldberg machine, but it's made out of TOYS.

And it's set to the Beastie Boys song, "Girls". Except they changed the lyrics, so they're all about empowering women...which is good, because that original song...wasn't.

UPDATE: this video has gotten over 8 MILLION hits on YouTube in about a week, and apparently they did NOT get the okay from the Beastie Boys to use it . . . because they're going after the company, claiming the new version of "Girls" is copyright infringement.

The company says it's "fair use."

To decide, a judge would have to look at four things: "The purpose and character of the use . . . the nature of the copyrighted work . . . the amount and substantiality of the portion taken . . . and the effect of the use upon the potential market."

It's worth noting that the Beastie Boys are still fighting a copyright infringement lawsuit themselves, over samples on their 1989 album "Paul's Boutique" - the album that includes the song "Girls."

UPDATE #2: Adrock of the Beastie Boys has come out to say they are NOT suing the toy makers, it is the Toy Company who are suing the Beastie Boys!

It's a pre-emtive case the B Boys WOULD have strange.

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