Have you ever watched a NASCAR race and fantasized about being the winning driver? Well, it's likely to remain a dream if you identify with anything from The Top Reasons You Wouldn't Make It as a NASCAR Driver.

You're one of those people who'd have to pee at every pit stop.

When someone tailgates you, you instinctively slow down. 

As crazy as it sounds, you can think of better things to do with your time than spend four hours driving around in circles.

The only time you ever drive fast is when you're furiously chasing down the ice cream truck on your Rascal Scooter.

You think wearing flame retardant clothes takes away from the fun.

You already spend your days navigating a pointless loop called "life."

See that breathalyzer lock on your ignition?  That.

You lose every time you go around in circles for hours without getting anywhere, when you argue with your wife.

You think Richard Petty is that dude who sings with the Heartbreakers.

You're constantly shifting gears, but only because you're bipolar.

You can't drive more than five minutes without texting and checking your Facebook.

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