Volvo decided to promote their new "Dynamic Steering" technology by hiring JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMMEto do a pretty crazy stunt . . . if it's LEGIT that is.

They released a video yesterday where he's standing on the side mirrors of two big trucks driving in reverse, side-by-side.

So his right foot is on one truck's driver's side mirror, and his left foot is on the other truck's passenger's side mirror.  Then the trucks slowly move apart until he's doing a SPLIT.

According to Volvo, they did it in one take, without using any camera tricks or CGI.  But watch it yourself and see if you believe them.

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  1. Javadewd posted on 11/16/2013 03:34 PM
    I could see that. If the steering is that stable and the stunt drivers are worth a darn. Van Damme does some crazy stuff...
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