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What follows is the text of the letter we recieved this year that led us to our 2013 DGS Halloween investigation:

To Whom It May Concern on the Dave Glover radio show:

I hope you'll forgive me for being ignorant of your show, my sister is a big fan but I have not ever listened. I'm writing to you on the advice of my sister, who tells me you may be able to help me and my daughter out with a problem we're having. She and I are safe now but haven't felt safe for the better part of a year.

I'll call our problem a paranormal one because I don't know what else to call it. Being an atheist I've never believed in Heaven or hell or ghosts, but what I've seen and felt in the last few months I can’t explain.

My daughter is seven years old. We moved into a rental house earlier this year but had to leave 8 months later. I'm sure once you hear my story you'll understand why.

I'm a single parent, I don't use drugs, and I have a good job...nothing fancy; I wait tables.

I leave my daughter with a babysitter most nights while I'm working late, and soon the sitter was telling me stories of things in the house moving on their own, of strange noises, and a general uneasy feeling.

My once-outgoing daughter became more withdrawn, choosing to stay in her room playing with an old Barbie doll that looks like it came from the 1960's.

I have no idea where this doll came from.

Over time I began hearing strange noises in the night (a low hum, soft knocking, whispers). A box of detergent I left on the dryer suddenly appeared in my kitchen. Small things like that.

One night I got home from work to find the babysitter in a panic, though my little girl was fast asleep.

The sitter said she heard the noises and whispers grow louder that night, and she said my daughter came out of her room in a daze, clutching the Barbie doll, asking me to "let momma in." The sitter replied "Your mother is at work." She claims my daughter replied "not that momma, the other one."

The babysitter quit.

The next morning I asked my daughter about the "other mother" and she told me about an old lady who gave her the Barbie doll and promised she would take care of her. This sent chills up my spine. My daughter went on to say this old lady told her to get ready for her "first communion."

This puzzled me, as I said I am an atheist and have not ever said those words to my young daughter.

One night I came home from a late shift, paid the new babysitter; who seemed in a hurry to leave, then went to check on my little girl.

She was halfway awake, happy to see me, covers up around her neck.

In a sleepy daze she said "Hi Momma, I had so much fun today playing Communion."

Fixing her covers while she said this, I recoiled in horror to find my daughter was wearing a white communion dress. As my daughter turned over and fell back asleep I noticed a thin slip of paper sticking out from the collar of the dress.

The note, which looked very, very old, read “I’m so sorry my sweet angel.”

I gasped and left the room.

I immediately called the sitter, and she told me yes they were playing with the dress this evening. She said my daughter refused to take it off before bed.

The babysitter assumed we bought the dress but I had never seen it before it was on my daughter.

My daughter wanted to wear the communion dress each night to bed, but I wouldn’t let her. She would throw tantrums if I wouldn’t let her wear the dress. I’ve never had any prior issues with my daughter before moving into the rental house.

I finally hid the dress and the doll a few weeks later, and had to tell my daughter that I “gave them back to the other mother” just to calm her down.

The same evening that I hid the dress and doll in the house I had horrible dreams of an old woman trying to take my daughter from me, cackling in my face and clawing at me.

When I woke the next morning with scratches on my arms I knew we had to leave the rental house.

My daughter and I are now living with my sister, who told me you could help.

I know how all of this sounds; I would laugh if somebody told me this story. It sounds like something out of a horror movie but this happened to my daughter and me. I don’t believe in ghosts, demons, or even God, but I can’t explain this.

What is going on at that rental house? Where did the doll and dress come from? Why won't my daughter let me throw those things away?

I’m convinced there must be a box old items I was never able to find at the rental house, but it’s such a small house I find that hard to believe. I don’t want to push my daughter as asking her about these items makes her upset. I can’t explain my daughter’s attachment to these things, her imaginary friend, and the scratches on my arm.

We have four months left on our lease; I don’t know what to do. Please help us.

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