If a Constitutional law is changed, Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly will run for president in 2016. To get you ready for that possibility, here are the Top Potential Arnold Schwarzenegger Presidential Campaign Slogans.

If You Would Go See My Movies, This Wouldn't Be Happening.

If I Can Crush Your Constitution Beneath My Boot Heel, Think of What I Can Do to the Democrats.

Vote Schwarzenegger:  Conviction of Ronald Reagan and the Biceps of Michelle Obama.

Aren't You Tired of Having a President With a Goofy Name?

Tired of the Democrats and Their Celebrity-Obsessed Politics?  Vote Schwarzenegger / Stallone in 2016!

Hasta La Vista, America's Reputation as Something Other Than a Complete and Total Laughing Stock.

I Promise to Shrink the Deficit the Same Way Years of Steroid Abuse Have Shrunk My Testicles!

Come On, You KNOW You've Always Suspected Lou Ferrigno Would Make an AWESOME Secretary of Transportation.

Vote for Me, and I'll Personally Refund the Money You Blew on a Ticket to "Eraser".

I'm Not Saying I'm Going to Appoint Danny DeVito Attorney General.  But I'm Also Not NOT Saying It.

Unlike Other Presidents, I'm Honest About Being Born in Another Country.

If You Look at the Charts Upside Down, California Thrived When I Was Governor!

Nothing Ever Goes Wrong When an Egomaniac with a Thick German Accent Takes Over a Country with a Powerful Military.

Name One Other Presidential Candidate Who Starred in a "Batman" Film That Almost Singlehandedly Ruined the Entire Franchise.

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  1. LarryK_6546 posted on 10/30/2013 06:33 PM
    According to everything I could find, William Fuld didn't sell Ouija Board to Parker Brothers until 1966. Also, http://www.museumoftalkingboards.com/gal1.html indicates Parker Brothers made three different versions in the late sixties. The link has a picture of the deluxe wood version, but no pictures of the box.
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