"Bad Grandpa" and "The Counselor" Are in Theaters This Weekend

No Horror Movies?

In The Counselor, Michael Fassbender plays a lawyer tempted into setting up a one-time drug deal for one of his shady clients, played by Javier Bardem.

It's directed by Ridley Scott, and based on a screenplay by Cormac McCarthy, the guy who wrote "The Road" and "No Country for Old Men".  Ridley dedicated the movie to his brother Tony Scott . . . who committed suicide in August of last year.

Penelope Cruz plays Fassbender's naive fiancée, Cameron Diaz is Bardem's sociopathic girlfriend, and Brad Pitt is the middle man who brokers the deal between them and a dangerous Mexican drug cartel.

In Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, Johnny Knoxville returns as his old man character, Irving Zisman, in a "Jackass"movie that actually has a PLOT for a change. 

In this one, Irving gets stuck with his 8-year-old grandson and is taking him across the country to find his deadbeat dad.

Along the way they pull hidden camera stunts on unsuspecting people, which include . . . his wife falling out of the casket during her funeral . . . the kid dressing in drag and busting into a stripper routine during a children's beauty pageant . . .

. . . grandpa entertaining some women at a male strip joint . . . and even getting his junk stuck in a vending machine.