Some conservative Catholics are openly criticizing Pope Francis saying he's too reckless and liberal. So we can add that group to the list of the Top Things That Irritate Pope Francis.

People that hear that he can perform miracles and ask him to make Miley wear pants.

Trying to avoid "Breaking Bad" spoilers because he's only on Season 2.  Also, poverty and evil.

He has to wear a fake mustache and hoodie just to go to a Slayer concert.

Still no Rock Hall nomination for Stryper?  What the heck?

Catholics constantly criticizing him for showing attributes commonly associated with Jesus.

Benedict looming over his shoulder, waiting to jump in the second he falters.  Like Leno did Conan.

Struggling to rhyme something with "Francis" during Vatican rap battles.

Everyone assuming because he's Latino, his next official papal decision will be trading in the Popemobile for a lowered El Camino.

The creeping sensation that the members of the Swiss Guard are humoring him when they vigorously applaud his nightly karaoke renditions of "Total Eclipse of the Heart".

Idiots who don't see the utter hilarity behind outfitting the Popemobile with a sticker featuring Calvin peeing on a Protestant minister.

Going to the movies and the people sitting behind him bug him to remove his hat.

It's hard to convince people that good will triumph over evil when the Kardashians are so successful.

Every time he mentions he's from Argentina, people think they're being hilarious by telling him not to cry for them.

The flag football league always schedules the game against the synagogue on Sundays.

Not being able to be more hipster by wearing a giant pope fedora.

The fact that he can't touch up his gray hair because there isn't a product called "Just for Pontiffs."

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