In honor of this being National Cereal Lovers Week . . . here are the Top Fun Facts About Cereal.

"Snap," "crackle" and "pop" are also the sounds Bruce Jenner's face makes right before a stitch busts.

Even though Special K is part of a balanced breakfast, as my passive-aggressive mother always reminded me, eating it DOESN'T actually make you any more special than anyone else.

The best-selling cereal is Cheerios. The worst-selling cereal is Depressing-Os.

Honey Bunches of Oats was developed after some a-hole decided they should make a cereal that would become a pet-name obnoxious couples at dinner parties could call each other. 

That baker on the Cinnamon Toast Crunch box makes meth.

Even though it's called Fiber ONE, all it does is make you go number two.

If you're eating a cereal with the word "cookie" or "chocolate" in the name, be honest with yourself and just have a candy bar for breakfast.

If you ever meet an Irish person, hand him a box of Lucky Charms and demand he sing the theme song. Trust me, they LOVE it!

Grape Nuts were developed after one cereal executive bet another that he could get people to willingly eat a bowl of rocks.

Chris Brown only eats Honey Smacks.

After a long day, Cap'n Crunch goes home to his wife, Tennille Crunch.

Quaker Oats only booked Wilford Brimley for their ads after repeated failures to find a talking walrus.

If you get a bad bowl of Chex, it'll bounce.

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