The average American spends 23 hours a week on the Internet. However, many of us are WAAAAY above average.

Here are the Top Signs You Spend Way Too Much Time on the Internet.

You named your kids "Hash" and "Tag."

You know what "Bing" is.

You don't know how to write anything longer than 140 characters.

You don't know where your fingers end and your iPad begins.

You know the passwords to all sixteen of your email accounts, but not what it feels like to look at the clouds.

The only thing on your Pinterest wall is a photo of you pinning things on Pinterest.

When your wife won't stop nagging, you try to "control, alt, delete" her.

You actually believe you have 2,131 friends.

You've crushed more candy than Chris Christie's teeth. 

The invite list for your birthday party consists entirely of your email buddies from the Nigerian consulate.

You're so addicted to playing "Words With Friends" you've completely abandoned the search for actual friends.

You just started a blog about how anyone who's still blogging, instead of using Tumblr, is SO stuck in 2012.

You email your mom when you're ready for her to bring dinner down to the basement.

Not having the option to "skip ad" after five seconds sends you into a murderous rage.

Your eyesight is failing and you've developed curvature of the spine . . . and you're only 12. 

When someone asks you a question that you don't know the answer to, you reply by saying, "404 Error, File Not Found."

The last time you left the house was to see how far you can take your computer and still get wireless.

You won't eat anything until you first take a picture and post it on Instagram.

Your roommate just freaked out when you capped off a long day of playing "Angry Birds" by grabbing a slingshot and launching his parakeet into a brick wall.

Every time someone enters the room, out of habit, you shut whatever you're looking at.

Instead of asking how everyone's day was, the entire family just checks each other's Facebook page.

June of 2007 was the last time you made direct eye contact with another human.

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