Top China Tourism Slogans

A #DGS971 List

China wants to attract more tourists. But that might not happen if they use anything from this list of Top China Tourism Slogans.

Know What We Call Our TSA Agents?  Chinese Checkers.

Remember, If You're Over 5'7", You're a GIANT!

Come for the History.  Stay Because We Imprison You for Crimes Against the State.

Make Your Own iPod for Only $1.97!

That's Not Toxic Pollution Viciously Singeing Your Nostrils!  That's the Smell of Progress!

Hey, Who Wants to Watch Some Movies with Ridiculously Thin Plot Lines, But Lots of Punching and Kicking?

China:  We're TOTALLY Cracking Down on Piracy.  Now Who Wants a Five-Dollar Rolex?

Now with More Ubiquitous Dragons!

Come Watch Some Mischievous Students Get Beaten With Bamboo Rods for Failing Calculus.

China:  Like Syria, Except Not as Happy-Go-Lucky.

Come for the Relentless Government Surveillance, Stay for the Brutally Sadistic Torture!

Despite What Your Grandpa Thinks, We Really Don't Enjoy Being Referred to as "Orientals."

Because What's More Exciting Than a Giant Wall?

Visit China and Leave Your Troubles . . . and Freedoms . . . Behind.

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