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Here is the first ever #DGS971 Vine, featuring Dave Glover and Tony Colombo, and shot by yours truly.

Here is a Vine I shopt last night at the Blues/Blackhawkes Stanley Cup Playoffs, featuring Carl The Intern Middleman from his booth where he broadcasts all the home game music!


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Read the full story and see her without make up (and in a black bikini) HERE.



Two idiots in Washington state recently put on ski masks, grabbed a four-year-old kid from a PLAYGROUND, and sped of in a van . . . but it was all part of a YouTube PRANK video.

The kid was their half-brother, so he wasn't actually in danger.  And they CLAIM they made the video to raise awareness about kidnappings.

But when you watch it, it seems like they really just wanted to see how the other kids' parents would react.  Plus they start LAUGHING right after they do it.  Then when they go back to tell them it was a prank, the parents FLIP OUT on them.

And a cop who shows up says he almost SHOT THEM.


In "Heaven Is For Real," Greg Kinnear and Kelly Reilly are the parents of a boy whose near death experience brings him back with memories of having been to Heaven . . . and meeting dead loved ones like the grandfather he never met, and his unborn sister who died in the womb.

John C. Reilly narrates the fifth DisneyNature film "Bears." They usually release these around this time of year to help celebrate Earth Day, which is on April 22nd. The other four were "Earth," "Oceans," "African Cats," and "Chimpanzee."

In "Transcendence,"Johnny Depp is assassinated to prevent him creating an artificial intelligence with human emotions.

But his wife tries to save him by uploading his consciousness into a super computer . . . and the situation gets out of hand as he evolves into something more.


Rebecca Hall plays his wife, Paul Bettany is his best friend, and Kate Mara is a member of the radical anti-technology group trying to stop him. "Dark Knight" co-stars Morgan Freeman and Cillian Murphy are also in it.


We all know that Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus . . . but there are many things about the holiday we're betting you weren't aware of.  Here are The Top Things You Didn't Know About Easter

Thanks to Obamacare layoffs, the Paas company can only offer TWO color tablets in this year's egg coloring kits.

The Easter Bunny knows all kids love Santa more, and one of these days he's gonna snap.

While your parents are putting fake grass in your baskets, they're smoking the REAL stuff. 

Each year, manufacturers produce 90 million chocolate bunnies.  89 million of which are consumed by Chris Christie.

Easter is the one day of the year people are able to convince themselves jelly beans taste like something OTHER than sticky clumps of sugar-coated earwax.

When shopping for Easter dinner, it's important to remember, Trichinosis is a small price to pay for getting a 20-pound ham for three bucks!

Leftover Peeps can be used as Spackle, collagen and driveway sealant.

Giving your kids Peeps is a fun way to introduce them to a life of diabetes.

The most stressful part about Easter is coming up with a good excuse for the priest about why he hasn't seen you at church since Christmas.

The Easter Bunny was probably invented around the same time as acid.

Kids are sent out to look for hidden eggs so that the adults can have time to get drunk together.




The DGS bleeds blue! Somehow before Opening Night of the Blues Playoff season, Dave Glover and his crew find themselves sitting ON THE BLUES BENCH!



Miley Cyrus got a scare when she was rushed to a hospital in Kansas City from a severe reaction to antibiotics.  And she cancelled her concert last night here in Saint Louis. So we can add antibiotics to this list of....

The Top Things Miley Cyrus Fears:

Her test results at the free clinic.

The world will someday run out of weed, glittery booty shorts, and teens with no taste in music. 

That someday she'll have to pay the bills by being her father's opening act.

NOT going down as the single greatest songwriter in history, despite brilliantly rhyming "I'm gonna be OK" and "party in the USA." Wait, she didn't write that anyway.

Her fans realizing that constantly posing topless doesn't make you look like a cool and edgy artist, so much as a sad little girl who's trying too hard.

The ever-growing suspicion that "Maxim" was being ironic when they named her the hottest girl on earth.

Lindsay Lohan's relentless attempts to take her title as the single worst role model for teenage girls in history.

The realization she's running out of Jonas Brothers and One Direction members to deflower.

No one paying attention to her for more than four seconds.

Walking out the door and not seeing a "TMZ" camera guy.

Going out on a sunny day and forgetting to put sunscreen on her side-boobs.

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