D1 D - Ann Kirkpatrick
Hometown: McNary, Ariz.
Website: http://www.kirkpatrickforarizona.com/
Notable Causes: Jobs for Arizona



D2 D - Ron Barber
Website: http://ronbarberforcongress.com/
Notable Causes: Standing Up For The Middle Class – Jobs And The Economy, Fiscal Responsibility, Social Security and Medicare, Border Security, Military and Veterans, Personal Liberty


D3 D - Raul M. Grijalva
Hometown: Tucson, Ariz.
Website: http://www.standwithraul.com/
Notable Causes:Health Care, Immigration, Educatiton, Natural Resources and The Environment, Iraq & Afghanistan, Citizens United & Campaign Finance, Social Security, Housing & Mortgages, Carbon Dioxide & Climate Policy, Veterans


D4 R - Paul Gosar
Website: http://www.gosarforcongress.com/
Notable Causes: Defense and National Security

D5 R - Matt Salmon
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Website: http://salmonforcongress.com/
Notable Causes: Congressional Issues

D6 R - David Schweikert
Website: http://www.davidschweikert.com/
Notable Causes: Reducing the size of Government, Taxes, National Debt, Economy, Pro-Life, Second Amendment, Immigration, National Security

D7 D - Ed Pastor
Hometown: Claypool, Ariz.
Website: http://www.edpastor.com/

D8 R - Trent Franks
Hometown: Uravan, Colo.
Website: http://www.trentfranks.com/
Notable Causes: Education




D9 D - Kyrsten Sinema
Website: http://kyrstensinema.com/
Notable Causes: Jobs, Environment, Education, Immigration, Health Care, Transportation




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