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Love Advice...Klose Enough

Win $200 in Gift Cards PLUS advice that only Mark Klose can provide!

When you're as old as Mark Klose, you've seen a thing or two. He's a husband, a dad, and a Hall of Fame radio star. All of this passed time and experience has made Mark a one of a kind purveyor of sage advice for all of life's more complicated moments.

And now, with Mark's help, you can win $100 to Scape and $100 to MassageLuXe by asking Mark Klose for some personal Love Advice!

We need YOUR stories of how you or your significant other really stepped in it. Fill out the form below with your information, a brief explanation of what went down, and what you need Mark's help answering. Then Mark will give you the best possible advice on how to remedy the situation.

Well, like we said, Klose Enough.

Check out the gallery of videos below and see all of the rich advice Mark has to offer!

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Love Advice

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