Video of fYTgma1Lt_0 How many people on the street know how many US Senators Missouri has?
Tony Colombo hits the streets of St. Louis to find out if people think Hillary or Trump will be better for the economy. Video of BvhD7acNDIo
Tony Colombo talks to people to see what they think about the 2nd Amendment Video of BH-sK6iv5aw
Tony Colombo hits the streets to find out what people think about Benghazi...or if they even know about Benghazi. Video of 0qk3UNfZi94
Leading GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a rally in Downtown St. Louis, MO at The Peabody Opera House. FM NewsTalk 97.1 covered the rally which was comprised of supporters and detractors. Watch the video below for the coverage. Watch the Video Video of 0r2MxEz4BAQ...
You’ve heard us talk about “Extreme Phone Pinching” on the air, well I wanted to give it a shot for myself and see if I really felt “THE EXHILARATION” that they say comes along with this new fad. Watch the Video Anythign But Work - PHONE PINCHING