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Julio Rivera says that border states should mobilize their National Guard because yearly there are caravans that come up to the border. Other President's have taken action using the National Guard to patrol and protect the border. Nick Oza/The Republic via USA TODAY NETWORK
Regis says that had an employee at YouTube been carrying a gun there could have been fewer injuries if there would have been any at all. John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports
Paul Curtman says that he has a very important role in checks and balances. He has filed a complaint with the Missouri Bar Association regarding Kim Gardner. © Andrey Burmakin
Peter Van Voorhis says that border security and national security are always linked. Lauren Petracca/The Greenville News via USA TODAY NETWORK
Scott Pruitt has announced he's going to roll back fuel standards. Nick Loris says that this is great news for consumer choice and consumer's pocket book. He says these are decisions that should be made by American families, not Washington D.C. © Alvin Cha
Sam Cooper says that the name makes it sound good, but this is really about redistricting which would be a disaster for Missouri. Video of Sam Cooper 4-3-18 Clean Missouri © Ruletkka |
Chris Arps says that Sinclair Broadcasting should have had someone in corporate record the promo instead of having news anchors read it. Marc's says it's the local faces saying they won't participate in fake news. Video of Chris Arps 4-3-18 Sinclair Disclaimers © Eti Swinford |...