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Andrew Biggs says that pension systems are very large, expensive, and the funding for them is getting worse. In Missouri it's missing 1/3 of what it has promised. © Ivan Dubovik
Keith Antone says that the circuit attorney should have played by the rules in the Greitens case. He says that enough is enough and Greitens should resign, his political career is over. Video of The Bottom Line - Keith Antone 4-12-18- Greitens Case © William Wise |
Jered Taylor has legislation to allow churches to choose if they want to allow conceal and carry in their churches. There are also private property and government locations in statute that he is trying to remove out of statute. © Enterlinedesign
Bob Onder says there were a number of members calling for Gov. Greitens to resign or calling for Gov. Greitens to be impeached. He says the Governor really needs to consider if continuing this is in the best interest for Missouri and for his family. He knows that the Governor is...
Annie and Marc discuss Annie's appearance at the Lincoln Days event. Annie says there was a young republican group and some of the upcoming candidates were discussed. Video of Annie Frey 4-11-18 Illinois Lincoln Days © Realcallahan |
Gabrielle Bosche says that one out of four millennials has had their identity stolen in some way. She says the real concern is information being sold on a virtual black market. Video of Reading The Fine Print © Wave Break Media Ltd
There are a significant amount of troops headed to the border. They will be used for surveillance and paperwork to free up border agents to do sweeps. Video of California Withholds Assistance At The US/Mexico Border Courtney SaccoCaller-Times via USA TODAY NETWORK