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Video of FM News Talk 97.1- Fox News Radio - St. Louis, MO
Photo By Raymond BoydMichael Ochs ArchivesGetty Images Tom Sullivan says light rail is expensive. Voters didn't know the whole story when they voted for a tax for Metro-Link expansion last fall.
Photo by Drew AngererGetty Images The immigration proposal brought by Sen Dick Durbin and Sen Lindsey Graham would have resulted as amnesty for the illegal immigrants known as "Dreamers." Cassie Smedile says the GOP is also trying to get a deal done in the House to avoid a...
Video of FM News Talk 97.1- Fox News Radio - St. Louis, MO
Photo by George FreyGetty Images Shaneen was traveling from Pennsylvania to New Jersey when she was pulled over. She was carrying a firearm with a license to carry, but without reciprocity for CCW, she was thrown in jail in New Jersey.
Photo Credit Getty Images David Roland says the Federal Government shouldn't have a say in drugs. David discusses the 10th Amendment and how it affects the states.
Photo by John GreimLightRocket via Getty Images Gary Wheeler says that NAFTA is very import at to Missouri soy bean farmers.
Photo by Justin SullivanGetty Images Legislation has been filed which would raise the age of criminal responsibility to 18 years old rather than 17 in Missouri. Currently, Missouri i is one of only five states where 17-year-olds are automatically prosecuted as adults. Emily...
Photo credit PETER PARKSAFPGetty Images Yaron discusses his book "Equal Is Unfair." He discusses the free market and says that people make money with hard work and motivation. He says millionaires make people's lives better.