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Photo Credit Getty Images Gary Byrne says that the Lewinsky Scandal ruined a lot of lives, and his career. He says the scandal was no secret to the staff. He says Monica Lewinsky knew what she was doing and describes her as part rock star groupie and part stalker.
Photo by Alex WongGetty Images Rep. Shimkus says explains what the Continuing Resolution that would keep the government open until February 16th has in it.
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Photo by Craig Barritt Getty Images for The Robin Hood Foundation Some Republicans as have already called for Governor Greitens to step down. Annie Frey says it seems the families have dealt with the affair in their own ways, but any way you go about it, it's very sad. Now what...
Photo by Roberto Machado NoaLightRocket via Getty Images Kristen Waggoner says there are two cases in front of the Supreme Court that have to do with religious freedom. Kristen explains the cases in front of the Supreme Court now. One of the cases was covered on The Marc Cox...
Photo by David SilvermanGetty Images David Rubin says there is no country called Palestine, never was, and probably never will be. The PLO basically acts through the Palestinian authority and have been doing a horrible job. He says President Trump is turning things around...
Photo by Mark Wilson Getty Images Jared Halpern reports that a lot of this still comes down to DACA. Republicans do not have enough votes to pass the 4 week CR by themselves even though they control the House and the Senate.
Photo by Alex Wong Getty Images Brian Maloney says this is what they're reduced to on the left. Since they couldn't prove mental illness they're trying to attack President Trump's physical state. He says that there is a mass delusion on the left.
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